Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Emma home today with a sore throat and stomach ache. No temp, though she doesn't look good to me.
2. Run, run, run, until my back hurts, then walk, walk, walk.
3. Another rejection yesterday. But it was nice. She said very kind
things about my writing–but it wasn't a good fit for her list. Okay,
maybe she lied and was just being nice. I choose to believe that's not
the case. Usually if they don't like the writing, they say so.
4.Watching Michael Pollan on public tv last night. I'm not sure what
they called it–but it basically was a film about The Botany of Desire,
which he wrote several years ago before Omnivore's Dilemma.
Fascinating. I highly recommend it. He's a gifted nonfiction writer. He
takes complicated subjects and really breaks them down in simplistic,
yet interesting ways. Even though I really like him, and found the show
fascinating, I'm glad I read the book because I kept dozing off and
missing huge chunks of it. Whoa–how did we get from tulips to pot so
5. Tulips are my all-time favorite flower.

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