Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. If it's true what they say about dreams and the astral plane, I had
an interesting visit with my friends in NYC last night—Lily, Paula, and
oh yes, John was there, too.
2. I'm not sure how much changing the world is part of our "mission"
here. But I think more love is called for–it doesn't hurt, it doesn't
take away from anything. All good change comes from love–or so it
seems to me.
3. Sometimes it feels like I am running through jello. Why am I doing this again?
4. Full moon washed over me this morning. "Bella Luna," Tess whispered to me at the window.
5. Talking pie with my neighbor who asked how the piefest went. I hope
to write up some thoughts about it today. But Emma is home with a
stomach virus. AND I am expecting this handyman dude to come this
morning. So we will see how it goes today.

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