Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Cooold.
2. Running half my usual distance because I want to do some Yoga this
morning. Running is great, but these days my body wants more Yoga.
Tomorrow I'll do the full 3 miles.
3. I'm in a strange space, waiting to hear back about Tempting Will,
about my memoir proposal, and promoting the pie book. I feel like I'm
on hold–somewhere.
4. A little good news yesterday. I hang on to every thread of it. An
editor at More had some nice things to say about an essay of mine and
has forwarded it to the food editor for her consideration. That made my
week. 😉 I love that magazine.
5. I've gotten the names of some handyman-contractor guys. Will be
calling them today, continuing to clean up, am going to try to get a
hair cut, look around for a "forgiving" outfit for the piefest–you
know, one that will allow for expansion as I taste all that the pie. 😉

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