Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. In a whole cloudy gray sky this morning, there was one round opening. If I could run through that opening…where would I be?
2. Emma's sudden intense interest in soccer. I think her fancy Irish
dance footwork might serve her well on the soccer field. So we are
signing her up in the Spring, which will be a whole new ball of wax for
the family. I've not been against soccer, but we've always been dancing
during soccer season–now the girls are only Irish dancing one night a
week.It could be really good for Emma. She's such a ball of energy.
3.Talking with Eric this morning about childbirth in the 18th century,
a major theme in the book I'm writing but shouldn't be writing.
4. Balmy for October..
5. I hope to get to Jennifer's open house today at Kids and Sew on and
to Beth and Cort's book signing over at Books-A-Million, but things are
up in the air with Tess. So you may see me, you may not. Sending good
vibes your way–in any case. 😉

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