Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Hearing from Mark this morning. (The guy Matt and Deena and I met on the train back from New York.) He's back to his world travels—Vietnam. He's writing a book about his travels to places where some of his favorite films were made.
2. Chatting with people at Short and Sweet Bakery yesterday that have been reading my Five Things. One guy said "Let me know what's on the other side of that cloud, when you figure out how to go through it…" 😉 Nice to know.
3. Same people were talking about this awesome woman who did a presentation about Social Media in Staunton. "Hey," I said, "I know that woman." WHO IS SHE? Marijean Jaggers.
4. Morphine. The really nice thing about morphine is that you don't feel "high" at all when you're on it. You just feel good. I was thinking about this because a friend of mine is on something "stronger than morphine " in the hospital.  Hmm. I had morphine after my emergency surgery when I had Tess. (It wasn't quite a c-section, more like a vertical cut from my belly button down,) I was up the next day dancing around my room with my new baby. And then they took the morphine away…
5. When I think about that recovery process, I am amazed that I am running every day. It took me close to a year to be able to walk around the block without losing my breath. Here I am running, strong, healthy. Life is good.

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