Five things I thought about during my morning run and walk:

1. Emma insisting on going to school today. Hmmm. She has no fever, but she still doesn't look good to me. I may get a phone call in he middle of the day.
2. The sky had that pink moonstone look to it this morning, again.
3. My yellow scarf. It's the perfect scarf for running. It's warm and yet it has lovely big holes in it that allow me to breathe if I have to wrap it around my mouth. I don't really like the look of it and don't remember where it came from.
4. Really focusing on where that pain in my back is coming from. I have a tendency to ignore pain–a habit from my dance and gymnastics years–until it gets so bad that I need to go to a dr.
5. Man, I can't believe the rejections I'm getting on my memoir. They are the BEST rejections I've ever gotten in my life, full of praise, but not quite right for their list.

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