Five things I thought about during my morning walk and run:

1. Smell of Pine. Mmmmmmm.
2. The Schwann's man. He's back in our neighborhood. He stopped by and
said "You cut all your hair off." I said,"What?" "I'm the guy from a
few years ago…" And he blushed as I realized who he is. He came to
the door once when I was doing a head stand…against the door…in my
underwear. Long story. LOL. My daughters were both convinced that's why
he never came back.
3. I am being a butterfly tonight. I have purple sparkly wings. My
daughters want nothing to do with purple or sparkles. Tess is a Goth
cheerleader and Emma is Lady Macbeth. So someone has to embrace the
sparkles. Balance, you know.
4. Balmy. I hope it stays that way for tonight.
5. So good to see Jennifer and Heather handing out candy yesterday in downtown.

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