Five things I thought about during my run:

1. OK. OK. OK, Bono. I promise I will be very still, if you, um, er, run to me…
2. Part of the sky looked liked yesterday's beautiful sky. The other part looked like butter.
3. Which made me think about butter and how I could not live without
it. Horrible to ponder what goes in margarine. Mom was always right
about that.
4. Speaking of Mom. My memoir, which focuses on my Mom and our life in
Western Pa. is on the market. An editor contacted my agent yesterday
about it. She hasn't read it yet, but hopes to get to it next week.
What she said was "If you're talking to Mollie, let her know a girl
from Sharon will be reading her proposal." Sharon is in the same neck
of the woods as where I grew up…It's a small world. And I hope this
is a good thing. 😉
5. Looking forward to my interview with the new chef a Zynodoa today. I
always look forward chatting with chefs. But this young man is special.
Not only is he the talented new chef at this fabulous restaurant, but
he's the son of Theresa Curry, a friend of mine.

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