Five things…

1. Oktoberfest at the museum. Sorry I'll miss it this year. It's always a fun time, except when you tear a rotator cuff on the barrel rolling race like I did a few years ago. (But Emma and I won, beating a snarky little boy and his mother.) I hope I destroyed all those pictures…
2. Rumor has it that John Grisham and Sissy Spacek are coming to the CvillePieFest tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised–the both live near by and PACEM is a great cause. It's an interfaith community organization that is a shelter for Charlottesville's homeless. I imagine they are in great need this year.
3. U2. Bet they were fab.
4. Borrowing dresses from Kristi. I was prancing around in that purple dress last night. Eric said "Who would have thought you and Kristi could share clothes?"  It does seem odd, but it works. She is tall and, well, I am not. 😉
5. Hearing from my agent late last night. She is on "the cusp" of getting back to me on the memoir proposal. I'm eager for it. One of the things I really love about Angela is her editing savvy. She worked for years as an editor before becoming an agent. She always gives me interesting feedback that I can actually use.

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