Five things…plus a “poem”

1. Brrrrrrr.
2. Heard from my agent yesterday who had 2 new cookbook ideas for me. Yes. Two.  I am mulling them over.
3. The thing is I never planned to do cookbooks. But this is where I am. And it's not a bad gig.
4. I'm hungry.
5. Saw some wild chamomile this morning and thought about this poem that I wrote years ago. Looking it over today, I see some things I will probably change, but here it is in it's rawness.

The Nature of History

Wild chamomile growing
on a battlefield releasing
its apple-scent into the
historical air. 
Blood spilled here, 
maybe on this
very spot, where the sweet
herb grows free, where
the fields of wheat stand erect
and the landscape is blurred
by falling down barns
standing watch over us,
as we travel in circular
paths over its hilly
domain to face ourselves
again. Maybe here.
We can begin again.

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