Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. It's comfort to run my own streets.
2. Conversation with my Ma. "Why are your eyes so puffy and swollen?"
"I'm allergic to smoke. You know that." "It must be something else. It
could be anything else." "No. It's either smoke, mold, or dog." "It
must be mold." Nahhhh. It could not be the smoke form her cigarettes.
One after the other. It's so troubling.
3. A dear, dear, friend in rehab, again. I'm afraid he won't ever kick it, but I hope he will.
4. Got some work in from my German client. Will be working today. I
don't mind. I like the work and she is a delight. It's kind of
surprising to me that I remember some of my high school German, which
sometimes slips into the translations.
5. My red velvet pie. Hmm. It's a bit too sweet for me. I think there
was too much topping. If I take off half of the cream cheese topping,
it's quite good. Eric loves it. He's got quite the sweet tooth.

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