Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1.A little lost dog in the neighborhood. Half poodle-half terrier. Her name is Suzie.
2. Getting our estimate finally for the electrician to install the fans
in our bathroom. I think we can get it done and get the show on the
road. But we are thinking about NOT buying another house—but getting
property and building one of our own. That's not as fancy as it
sounds–at least not for us. 😉
3.Hearing from a man I went to high school with–Bob. It's so lovely to
hear from him. He's looking for a copy of my first book "Unsilenced."
And I am sorry to tell you, Bob, I don't think I have one. If I do,
it's in deep storage. It was remaindered years ago. It's a book I
compiled and edited—some of my poems and essays are in it, as well. But
it's a collection of women's writing about their spirituality.
4. Still no word about Tempting Will–except that the "waiting sucks
for everybody." Indeed. What's my coping strategy? Keeping busy.
5. Emma's field trip in Yorktown. It's the first long one I haven't
gone on–and I'm a little worried about her. But she's very
excited–was excited enough to get up at 5;30 this morning. Had to be
at the school at 6:30.

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