Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Unraveling my twisty plot.
2. Some people are surprised that I'm taking part in NaNoMo. I'm
looking at it as an exercise. No matter what point you're in your
writing career, it's a good thing to challenge yourself with something
different. I have one fiction and one non-fiction being shopped around.
And I am working on another cookbook proposal, along with promoting the
pie book and working at my editing gig. So, the NaNoMo novel is fun for
me and who knows it may lead me somewhere–but I am not shirking any of
my other business.
3. Emma was upset by her writing scores on the pre-SOL test. "They want
me to write about things I DON"T WANT TO WRITE ABOUT," she said, trying
not to cry. I hear you, baby.
4. That red velvet cake was fantastic. It was different that the
store-bought ones I have had and I don't think I've had homemade
before. This is a denser cake than what I thought it would be. I am not
sure if this is how it "should" be–but who cares–it was delicious.
5. I think Tink is developing a little crush on Jack Johnson…

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