Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Seeing Beauty and the Beast and seeing so many friends last night. A
really wonderful show. Barb was excellent as Mrs. Potts. YAY, Barb. I
loved her costume and the way it moved. And beautiful, wonderful Hannah
did a great job. Her Mama must be proud!
2. I never knew how pretty Colton Berry is. I mean, I saw him a few
times on American Idol, but I don't really follow it. I never really
looked at him until last night when I shook his hand. Such a pretty
young man–and very talented. Emma was all atwitter–he winked at her.
3. As many of you know, Belle is my favorite princess–she reads, is smart, and could see the Beast for who he was.
4. Coming home to the video uploaded on youtube. Christy Majors did an
excellent job on it. She is so talented. I'll post a link soon. I'm
just learning my way around on youtube. If you have an account, friend
me. (Is that the right thing to say? lol.) I didn't write anything or
even rehearse this message. I just wanted it to be like a conversation.
5. Going to the Edelweiss today. Mmmm. Love that place.

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