Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. "She's been everybody else's girl, maybe someday she'll be her own…" Great song.

2. Mr. Whitaker, have I thanked you for the lovely Jack Johnson music? I'm enjoying. THANK YOU!

3. Getting not one but two phone calls from Christy yesterday.

4. My publicist loves the book trailer and thinks that the publisher
WILL place it on their web site. That's good news. I'm still learning
about this book trailer/video stuff. We need to work on the sound for
the next one. And I need to stop looking around. But that's a natural
thing for me–to look around as I'm thinking and talking. 😉

5.Slept in again this morning. Seems to be my pattern–one morning I'm
awake at 3 and I go all day until about 9, than I don't want to get up.
Which would be fine if I didn't have to get the girls up and ready for
school. Eric is usually off at the time jumping rope or punching his
punching bag.I think I'm going to have to start setting the alarm–just
to be on the safe side.

Okay here's the book trailer:

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