Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Eric's injury. He has no idea how he hurt himself, but it's
reignited an old football injury. (Yeah, that's right, I married a
football player and those of you who know me from way long ago will
find that kind of strange. We often joke that if we had met in college
we never even would have looked one another's way.)
2. Bono in my ear..and at my neck, shoulder…Ooo. waitaminute. Where am I?
3. Playing Scrabble with the girls. Emma having a fit because no
Spanish words are allowed. "We need to write our own rules." Ya gotta
love that. I hope she hangs on to that .
4. I really want to see Precious. I hung out with Sapphire years ago at
a writer's conference in NY. Don't know if she'd remember me or not.
But I found her to be one of the friendliest and most interesting
people at the conference. It was about 18 years ago.
5. Trying to get the money together to go to a conference in Feb.

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