Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I really don't like the El Camino. It's disturbing. Is it a car? Is it a truck?
2. There has been a bear sighting on Rosser Ave.–last night around midnight. And the neighbor said a bear killed and ate two pigs in Afton. I thought bears did not eat meat. Neighbor says they will-if they are hungry enough.
3. GREAT morning for a run. Half way through, I peel off my sweat shirt. Ahhh. Nice cool air on my arms.
4. Red velvet cake. I promised I'd make one for Eric, from scratch, for his birthday in a few weeks. Pie seems so much easier to me. But if he wants a cake…he gets a cake. But why do I feel like I am cheating on pie? (smirk)
5. Not doing the author signing even at Stone Soup in December. My daughters will be dancing that day at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville. Priorities. It will be a thrilling moment. Both girls in the same show–Irish dancing. Can't miss that. But if you want to buy pie books for Christmas or Hannukah gifts, I'll sign them. No problem. 

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