Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Emma home today with what I think will be strep, which she caught from her sister.
2. Watching her dance in those hard shoes last night, listening to the crisp sound she's making with her feet. Emily and Matt would be proud. She's working hard.
3. I'm proud of her–but she's still grounded. She is sick and still grounded. Won't be allowed on the computer until next week–if then.
4. Bella in the NaNoMo story I'm working on. It turns out she has a past. When she was working in New York as a dancer, she had an affair with another dancer—a young man from Brooklyn, so opposite of her fiance and of her. I'm wondering if she goes off to find him. She's just celebrated her 41st birthday and is thinking about him, wondering what would have happened if she made different decisions. I just love when a simple story gets a little complicated with things like the past and oh yeah Quantum Physics.
5. Only running half of what I usually do. It's so windy and I have Eric's big rain poncho on–so hard to move in–when the wind blows, it feels like I might just blow away. 😉

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