Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. The golden sun behind a thick mist this morning.
2. Frost on the grass.
3. Ever feel like your being accused of something and you have no idea what? It's very confusing.
4. Feeling much better today about Tempting Will McGlashen. You know,
if this editor doesn't want it, someone else may. It's okay. I'll be
5. The older I get the easier it's getting to listen to my intuition.
And I am getting smarter about people. I really am. (It's about time!)
I can usually tell when someone's not truthful and make a mental
note–do not trust this person. I am shedding a bunch of things these
days clothes, books, things, and people. Life is too short not to
surround yourself with good, nurturing, kind, truthful people.

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