Five things I thought about during my morning run and dodging wildlife:

1. WHOOOOOSSSHHH. That was a deer coming up behind and running past
me–not more than 2 feet away from me. So glad it was not a bear. I'd
have passed out for sure. Almost did just from the deer. It was big and
I was blissed out on my music, didn't hear it coming.
2. Okay. The skunks are over there, ahead of me, and so I'm turning around. They are so big and beautiful.
3. Now all I need to see is a snake and a bobcat during my runs and my life will be complete. lol.
4. So warm this morning I had to stop at the house and take half my clothes off.
5. "I feel you, JoAnna"…what a great song and I'm so glad Tess has it on her Ipod.

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