Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Snow. Will I run? Yes, indeed.
2. But half way through, I had to give up because I was concentrating on NOT falling. It's very slippery out there. Hoping the dancing won't be canceled. And wondering if the keep the mountain cleared off on the weekends when  it snows.
3. Seems like we've been waiting for this snow for a long time–but today, of all days?
4. Pound cake. Very interesting history. I'm researching this "cold oven pound cake." Like what is the reason for not preheating the oven? Some people suggest it's to save energy, but it really can't be that because the cake is in the oven longer because there's no preheating.
5. I'm hanging in there on Tempting Will. Putting it all in perspective. If it doesn't sell, life goes on. And it's a good life, in any case. Warm house. Full cupboards. Healthy family. Counting my blessings.

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