Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Paula and how much I love her and her Mom and Dad. I've been
thinking a lot about them and hoping her Dad gets out of the hospital
soon. Always think of them A LOT over the Holidays. Her mom was an
extraordinary baker and her dad made this really good homemade Italian
wine-ratavia? There were always trays of goodies and an incredible
hospitality. It's funny, I always refer to Paula as my cousin. We are
not really related, But our moms grew up together and so did we and it
feels like we are cousins. ;-0
2. The sweet play at Westwood last night.
3. I forget to pack Tess's lunch. Oye.
4. Getting work in–a three page document to edit. She emailed me and "warned" me. lol.
5. I think my resolve to NOT write during the month of December is wearing thin.

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