Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. "So I run faster, but you catch me here…"
2. So foolish of me to try to run today. But half a run is better than no run, even if the air hurts your lungs.
3. Had to block a guy yesterday. Am quite prepared to block anybody
else who send me filthy emails about food and sex, unless I KNOW you of
course. (smirk) But a reader of my books? A total stranger? No, thanks.

4. The lantern tour was so much fun. It was a dress rehearsal for the
staff and I have to tell you those interpreters are so dedicated to be
out in the cold telling stories. If you're local, you should check it
out. After the tour, they had a little part with this amazing band. I
need to find out more info about them. They played traditional
music–some Irish, some kind of gypsy-ish music. At one point, this man
was playing the bongos. I looked at Everett, one of Eric's best
friends, and he grinned. He's always my dance partner because Eric
doesn't dance. (That's right I'm a dancer who married a man who doesn't
dance.) But Everett got called off. And Emma said "Thank God."
5. Had to take Tess her lunch again today. I really need a break.

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