Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. My horoscope saying my boldness may get me into trouble. So what else is new?
2. Lovely early morning IM conversation. I'll be thinking about it all day.
3. I've heard from my Mom that my niece Abbey is thinking of nursing
instead of writing as a career. Hmmm. Well, I always tell young writers
that if there is anything else they can do with their lives and be
happy, they should. Writing about more than talent, more than the
impulse to create. You have to want it more than anything and build
your life around it. If you don't want it that bad, don't torture
yourself–find another thing to do with your life. Is that harsh? I
hope not. I don't mean it to be.
4. My sister Becky getting a Kindle for Christmas. At first I was a
little annoyed. Becky doesn't read. Can you imagine–I have a sister
that doesn't read. She CAN read, of course, she just doesn't read for
fun. But here is why: she had a learning disability all the way through
school, which was undiagnosed until college. She could read a paragraph
over and over and not remember anything from it. So the Kindle has been
a really cool thing for her because it reads out loud to her and she
has "read" several books since Christmas.
5. Blue sky. White snow still everywhere. Brisk wind. One foot in front of the other.

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