Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I loved the Wii, but nothing like getting outside.
2. Maggie Rae's Scrapbooks. You see, I promised myself no fiction in
December. But that was WRITING, not editing and rewriting. As I have
been going through Holiday busy-ness, I would think about the story and
where I wanted to make changes. And then when I had a few moments…In
truth, that's how a lot of my writing gets done. I think so much about
it when I am doing other stuff and when I sit down in front of the
computer, there it is.
3. My writing space is sun porch and it really has no heat. We have a
space heater, which usually does the job. But these days, it's a bit
too cold for me.
4. I can't believe how well I slept last night. From 9 to 7:30, only
waking up a few times and able to get right back to sleep. I think the
Estroven PM is really helping.
4. Oh look neighbor has a pumpkin in the trash. Now I don't feel so bad
about my beautiful little autumn gourds still on my patio.

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