Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Emma was very excited about the possibility of taking Home Ec next
year in middle school. If I hadn't carried that child, sometimes I'd
wonder where she came from. Okay, yeah, I took it, but I was kicked
out. Maybe it had something to do with mouthing off at the teacher
about the way she was cooking. šŸ™‚ I loved wood shop with the boys. I
still can't sew a straight hem. But I can make a hell of a cutting
2. Speaking with being with the boys. I want to thank Larry for sending
me that picture. I have some really wonderful memories of playing with
the Miller boys. Baseball. Kickball. Even football. Building snowmen.
Traipsing through the woods. I really like that picture because you can
see the tractor shop behind us. When I tell people I know tractors,
they laugh. But I DO!
3. THANK the UNIVERSE, Tess is back at school today. She was really
sick, but I think she's having a rough year. And it's making her sick.
Something about a boy named Caleb who is picking on her friends. So, I
need to call the school today to get to the bottom of it.
4. I am so in denial about this dance show weekend and need to get it together.
5. A sliver of good news yesterday on Tempting Will. The editor loved
it and now it's being sent around to the other editors. More waiting. I
probably won't know anything until after the Holidays.

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