Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Candy Freak, a book by Steve Almond, It's hilarious.
2. Talking with Kristie last night. Love her. Seeing Jen yesterday,
briefly, so glad she could swing down my way. Love her, too.
3. Saturday at the Paramount was so lovely. They had free hot
chocolate, juice and cookies. Good cookies made by a local bakery. They
said they usually charge for goodies, but this year it was all free.
And Santa was there.
4. Every time I think of the Paramount, I think of Jenny Gardiner. She
had a book party there and it was fabulous. I wonder what she'll do for
her next book. Hope she keeps that crazy bird at home. (Her new book is
about her bird and I can't wait to read it.)
5. Hoping some of you will make it on Sat. to Byers St. Housewares,
Staunton, 2:30, I'll be signing books and, by the way, you can get any
of the pie baking equipment you need right there, along the book. Ho,
ho, ho.

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