Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Emma has a little crush on a young man (way too old for her) and recently found out he is gay. "Why does he have to be gay?" She said. I see a LONG road ahead for Miss Emma…
2. Tess having pneumonia. I think she's had it for awhile and nobody caught it. We spent the day yesterday at the dr. office and the hospital getting x-rays yesterday. And there it was. Her temp is already down to 99.6 this morning.
3. Got a really interesting idea (I think) for a cookbook that has nothing to do with Mrs. Rowe. (How about that?) I'm still working on the cake book proposal–it will be sent off soon. But there's another one brewing.
4. With Tess being so sick, I've not been at the computer much–and I have to say, I'm getting so many ideas for new projects.I think the computer has been sapping some of my creative energy. Some. Has anybody else noticed anything like that?
5. All this time and my back has not hurt. Just today, as I was running, it started up again. Grrrr.

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