Five things I thought about during my morning run

1. I look like a big yellow duck again today. Neighbor passes by and I lift my full poop bag. "Cheers, neighbor!" 😉
2. The roads are tricky-slick. You go a long and they are fine and
suddenly you're sliding around a a long patch of ice. I almost fell
3. Nice book signing yesterday. Very nice talking with Kelly Flanders.
So good to see some friends who showed up. Laura, Beth and Robin–thank
you so much. Thanks to Kelly for hosting!
4. Tess's quilt–she loves it. But I have to tell you, it's a mess. It
didn't turn out well at all. But she loves it and mentioned to me that
she thinks it has white magic in it–she can feel its protection and
its love. "Love went into every stitch." What a sweetie.
5. Now I have to do Emma's quilt and I need for Christy to come down
and show me how to run this sewing machine because I don't really want
to do another one by hand. I am so over it. Ya see, I really should
have paid attention in those home-ec sewing classes.

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