Five things I thought about during my slippery morning walk:

1. So beautiful out here, but VERY slippery.
2. I feel a little like a junky gone cold turkey from my runs. I can see the wisdom in a treadmill, except I simply don't have room. If we got rid of the couch…lol.
3. This snow has been such a blessing. It's been wonderful to be holed-up inside with my husband and girls. We are having a great time.
4. My arms and shoulders hurt so bad and remind me that I need to keep up with lifting my weights for arm strength. I've a hard time with that.
5. Neighbor is a freak–he called the city yesterday to make sure they dug out our/his mail boxes. As if they don't have other, more pressing matters to attend. Like miles and miles of streets and roads, parking lots, and so on. Jeez.

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