Red Velvet Lovey-Dovey Pie, Part 2

I've been wanting to get this post done for what seems like weeks. Finally, here it is. I wanted to let you know how the red velvet pie turned out. It was good, but not perfect. It's still a work-in-progress. The biggest problem was the icing, which would really not be a problem if you like your pie very sweet. I used a cream cheese icing recipe–next time, I'm going to try a less sweet icing or topping that still has cream cheese as an ingredient. When I scraped part of the icing off, it made for a much better pie. Also, I plan to add another tablespoon of cocoa because the buttermilk flavor was a little too intense for me. I think a little more cocoa would really offset that flavor. Here is the way the pie looked (held by my daughter, Emma, before she delved into it, eating every bite.):DSCF3922

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