Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I hope this dog knows how much I love her. I mean, it's frigid and here I am running with my dog because she needs the exercise.
2. It's weird running in place for the Wii. I much prefer running outside.
3. I am really enjoying the novel I'm editing and I hadn't expected to.
4. Made some purple cabbage last night. Eric wanted to see if I could make the kind like they serve at the Edelweiss. It was good—but not quite as good. Almost there. I don't think they saute their cabbage in BUTTER. 😉 I also don't think they use aged balsamic vinegar. Tess refused to eat at the table because of the smell. It really disturbed her.
5. The coolest thing about being a realtor MUST BE getting to see inside of everybody's houses.

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