Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Tink gets very nervous about that Golden Retriever. She whimpers every time we go past him. He must look really big to her.
2. Goodness, I miss my girls. They are at their aunt's house–have been there all night.
3. Emma auditioned for Willie Wonka on Friday night and I had a chance
to catch up with Robin Goerig (sp?), who I haven't seen for a while.
She is such a fabulous artist and interesting person. It would be great
if both of our kids got into the play. We'd see each other more often.
4. So hard to be away from people that you love when they are going through a very hard time.
5. When I hear people say nothing is wrong with this health care system, I just want to scream. It's a mess, people.

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