Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Oh so THAT's what 16 degree feels like.
2. I look like a lumberjack. I'm wearing my insulated pants that drove
Eric crazy last year. Crazy enough to go out and buy me running pants.
He just shook his head when he saw me this morning. I am not a
fashionista. I want warmth and comfort on a day like this.
3. But still…there are time when one needs to be concerned about
fashion. Like when planning a trip to New York where there will be
meetings with agents and editors. So I'm calling on my posse next week.
4. Sometimes I really like my agent. Like yesterday. She really stuck up for me. Now, that's what you want an agent for.
5. Guess I'll be Wii-running this morning, which I don't really like.
Running in place is really different and I find myself running almost
on my toes or something. It seems to work a whole other group of
muscles. I really prefer being outside.

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