Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Finally. A run on the STREET! Love feeling the cool air, the
pavement beneath my feet, music in my ears, checking out the
neighborhood scenery.
2. Blue sky. Blue mountains. Lovin' life.
3. Where will I run when I'm in NY? Well, it might be too cold. But
usually I walk so much that going without the run won't be a problem.
But I don't think I'll be walking much this time around…
4. It astounds me how much faith my agent has in my memoir. We
discussed it again yesterday. I said, "Maybe it should just be a
cookbook with a few essays in it." She said, "Let's leave it as it is.
I love it. " Gotta love that.
5. Emma has gotten sicker. Now she has a slight temp. Tess is off with
her dad today to learn how to sew from the seamstress at the museum.
I'm picking her up at noon–tearing her away from them, if I can.

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