Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. YESSSS! A real run this morning. Am I addicted? Maybe. But it's better than the other stuff I could be addicted to.
2. Vicki and Richard are coming TOMORROW! YAY. They are friends from
the DC area. The only problem with them visiting is that the girls
think they are coming to play with THEM–instead of allowing us to
chit-chat. 😉 They are really good play mates. 😉
3. Listening to Lynrd Skynrd this morning. (Am I even spelling that right?) Made me smile.
4. I had not idea that when I post thinks on the pie book fan page it's
linked to Twitter, which is in turn linked to my other FB page. Got
that? So, I was posting everywhere about Roz's interview with me an
Open Salon. It really was one of the best interviews I've done (her
questions were thought-provoking)–but so sorry if I bombarded you this
morning. ; P
5. Got a late start because work came in early this morning and needed to get it done asap.

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