Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. "If you must falter, be wise," Rhianna (Disturbia-great running song.)
2. It's too warm to run with my coat. yet when I take it off, it's a
little too cold. Ah well, better cold than hot, these days.
3. I loved the Michie Tavern yesterday. You see I had gotten their
cookbook from the library and really liked it. Like a lot of good
cookbooks, it had some useful history in it. The main character in my
WIP is a cook in an ordinary, 1765. So, we went to the tavern and I
bought the cookbook–which by the way, Christy, has the recipe for
their fried chicken in it. So you can borrow it if you want.
4. Walking into the tavern yesterday was almost like walking into the
ordinary in my book. I think I startled the woman who led us into the
building. I was a bit "enthusiastic."
5. Running is just hell on your breasts. These sports bras are painful, but necessary.

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