Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. The illusion of intimacy that the internet and FB can create. If you
know me, personally, you know there's a lot more to me than what's
here. But some people really think they know me just because of the
internet and FB. Let me be clear: you know what I want you to know.
2. I am no prude, but I'm not interested in other men, but my husband.
He's all I can deal with right now. One is enough. Thank you.
3. "Busy" people. Yeah. Let me tell you, I get sick of that as an
excuse. You make time for the people who matter to you.. Even if it's
just a few minutes. I've got one novel with my agent, a cookbook
proposal being shopped around, another novel I'm reworking, managing an
editing business, trying to sell articles, PLUS I'm the mother of two
daughters, a wife, and am trying to get my house ready to be placed on
the market. I get back to people. It may take a few days. But I do.
4. That said, it's good to know if you don't matter enough. Then it's time to let go.
5. What a great day for a run. I love the cool air while I'm sweating.

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