Five things I thought about during my morning walk:

1. Too cold for a run. Looks like it's the Wii again.
2. Tess now has a sore throat. So it's off to the dr. today. Maybe it's
strep. Sometimes strep starts off with a stomach ache. The dr. told us
last time she had strep we may need to get her tonsils out if this
keeps up.
3. Very sad to hear about the death of Joe and wish I could be there. I
love them all so much. Paula. Dini. Aunt Mart. What an awful and
stressful time they have had over the past month or so. The doctors and
the hospital experience–all the way around, BAD, from what I hear.
4. The sky is gorgeous this morning–glowing swirls of pink and blue.
5. Oatmeal.

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