Five things I thought about during my morning walk around the block:

1. Very icy this morning. Sigh. Looks like it's a wii run day for me.
2. Speaking of my runs, now I have sponsor on Twitter. I hope to get
more. So you'll see these posts from me that have the word "sponsor" in
it. I've already rejected two sponsors–just to tell you that when you
see my name in these tweets, it's a company I've checked out and whose
product I actually like.
3. I love when folks drop me notes about my five things. Even if you
don't post, it's nice knowing that people are reading them.
4. We are all in a bit of a grumpy disjointed mode because of the
school and museum delay. Tess especially. Anything the routine is
messed with, she gets whiny and fussy.
5. I'm thinking about pot. I discussed with with my friends yesterday.
I've been seeing blurbs about medical uses for it. Even if it were
legalized, completely, I'd probably not smoke it because I don't like
the idea of taking smoke of any kind into my throat and lungs. But
personally, I think it should be completely legalized. It should be
regulated like alcohol and tobacco. And it may do great things for the

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