Five things I thought about during my wet morning walk:

1. Looks like it's a Wii run day.
2. That weird dream about my ex husband. When I told Eric about this
morning, he said "What are you reading these days?" Funny, because I'm
reading a book about reincarnation. I sort of feel like my first
marriage WAS a lifetime ago. lol.
3. The book is really about children who remember past lives. and I
don't know what you all think about this–but when I was a girl, I had
several of these experiences that made me believe in the possibility of
reincarnation. And right now, at this point in my life, I had another
strange experience, which is what led me to read more about it.
4. Seeing Vicki and Richard was awesome. So glad they came for a visit.
When they leave, I always think we can't wait until next year to see
them. But things always seem to get crazy.
5. I've known Vicki almost as long as I've known Eric. She knows me
pretty well. Yesterday, she said to me "What are you doing for fun
these days?" I'm still thinking about that.

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