National Pie Day Give Away

One of my favorite things about being a writer is learning about the subject I happen to be covering. Mrs. Rowe’s Little Book of Southern Pies was such a fun project. It wasn’t just learning about how to make pie, it also was learning about the culture of pie. One of the organizations I’ve come to know is the American Pie Council ( Who would have thought there was a council just for pie? Well, according to the American Pie Council, January 23 is National Pie Day.

So, in honor of National Pie Day, I’m giving away a signed copy of my little pie book, along with two pie toppers. If you’ve never heard of a pie topper, count yourself in good company. Neither did I. Yesterday, I visited the Cheese Shop in Stuarts Draft, Va., owned by Mennonites, who are some of the best pie bakers in my world, and I spotted the “pie toppers.”

DSCF4023 They are made for pies with a top crust and act as a pie-crust shape-cutter, like a big cookie cutter. I’ve not used them, but it seems like it’s a handy way of making pretty crust with lovely shapes cut into it. I love the idea of this Christmas tree shaped cutter. Imagine a berry pie on the Holiday table with the deep red color poking out of the crust in tree shapes.  And check out the topper with the squares—lattice without the painstaking work? Maybe. I hope that the winner will report back on how well they work.

Here’s how to win: simply leave a comment on my blog. It can be about pie, my book, Mrs.Rowe’s, or just a how-do. But it has to be on my blog. The winner will be randomly generated. Good luck and please let all your friends know about it. If one of your friends wins, maybe they will share their pie with you. The winner will be announced on Monday.

30 thoughts on “National Pie Day Give Away

  1. Laura says:

    Pick me! I do love pie and am positive that I can only achieve a decent pie crust with the help of some sort of tool. I’d love a copy of your book as well.

  2. alan schukart says:

    Hmmmm, well I went to high school with Mollie and crazy about her book and all the information about pie making:-) Hopefully with any luck i can pull off a real homemade pie soon….the toppers are very festive and I would try a pie just to use those…Hope I get picked….

  3. Dana says:

    I’m originally from the Valley and wish I could make pies like all good Southern women are supposed to. Perhaps with the help of the ultimate pie book, I could practice my way to a fine pie to be proud of!

  4. Rebekah says:

    I don’t have your book – but I keep following the blog b/c I’d rather have pie than cake/cookies or brownies!
    In honor of the national pie holiday, I intend to make Lemon Meringue Pie from “Pie Every Day.”
    If I win (fingers crossed) I can bake my way through your book! Now that’s a win-win idea 🙂
    Thanks for the give-away opportunity!

  5. quickmealhelp says:

    Oh pie toppers are not only fun (especially with kids) but they make any pie look great! What a fabulous giveaway, Mollie! Would absolutely love to spend more time with pie — eating it, of course!

  6. Grenae Thompson says:

    Hi, Mollie. So glad to have found you on Twitter. Pies are my absolute favorites—I always choose pie over cake for dessert. Thanks for the fun giveaway. Grenae

  7. kate says:

    I can’t decide what kind of pie to make in honor of this most important holiday. It needs to a comforting sort of pie….and a pie, not a high-falutin’ tart.

  8. Kimberli Baker says:

    Pie is the ultimate “throwback” comfort food for me. I grew up with my great-grandmother, and she taught me to make pies when I was very young. I have so many happy memories of those times, and even today, she’s always there with me in a way when I make a pie. My most recent was a bittersweet chocolate bourbon pecan, with a sweet crust. I almost didn’t want to share!! Keep up the great work Mollie!

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