Five things I thoguht about during my morning run:

1. The melting snow. I probably won't find my car keys until spring.
2. Yesterday, I had to go to C-ville to return some make-up that I
bought by mistake. (Long story.) Three fabulous women (think "Designing
Women" in their 60s) at the salon took me in hand and the next thing I
knew I was getting my eyebrows done, which has never been anything I've
given much thought about. But let me tell you…I LOVE it. It doesn't
look fake at all.
3. So I was digging around in my wallet sitting there on a
fancy-schmancy couch and I heard someone ask something about ages. I
said "I'm 46." "No darling, I was asking about your children. You
should never tell anyone you're 46, tell them you're 32. That's what
you look like." Okay I am SO going back there. 😉 And I want to take
all my friends.
4. Pancakes this morning. I can feel the excitement building.
5. Oh man I can't get over the pizza and the pasta I had in NY. So
good—and it calls for my trying some new recipes. Between all the
wonderful bakeries and great Italian food, I think I could get really
fat in NY…

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