Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Getting a good run in before the roads will be thick with the stuff.
2. I noticed this morning that Amtrak runs were canceled. Hmmm. I need
to find out what happens if your train gets canceled. Do you get your
money back? We are expecting snow again on Tues and Wed.
3. Got lots of books to read, lots of food to eat, and plenty of firewood.
4. So nice to see some friends yesterday. How awesome to see all the
work that's been done on Mary's house. You can feel the love. Yes, you
5. Kristie dropped off some dresses for me to try on last night. I
think I'll take the silk one with me. But the other one? Eric sat up in
his chair, raised his eyebrows, and said it's NOT a business dress. It
REALLY fits, Kristie. LOL.

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