Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Coming home after a long train ride–with many delays because of
mechanical difficulties–to orchids and tulips on my dining room table.

2. How cold it was in New York. It felt positively balmy here when I stepped of the train.
3. Paula taking me to Billy's Bakery, where I spent a lot of money for
treats for my family. I probably made a complete idiot of myself, going
on and on about the Southern baked good there–red velvet cupcakes,
coconut cake, pecan pie. The man behind the counter looked at me like I
was a nut. The cupcakes were a good attempt…but a little too subtle
to be the real deal.
4. Many conversations I had about there being a lack of good Southern
food in NY and in particular pie. More than one person asked why they
couldn't find a good pecan pie in NY. The only answer I could come up
is that maybe New York pie bakers are skimping on the sugar. Maybe a
New York City tour of pie is called for? 😉
5. ALL of the fabulous people I met and connected with–far too many to
mention all here. But seeing Paula, Monica, Charmian, Angela, and Brook
made the trip so worth it. Also, for the first time since I've been
writing about food, I really feel a strong sense of community among the
writers. I am honored and thrilled to be a part of it.

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