Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. The longer I'm out here, the colder it gets. Actually it's only in
one direction I have a problem–going against the wind. Otherwise it's
2. Loving this Rosemary Salt they handed out at the conference. Delicious with butter on my corn last night.
3."Silent all these years."
4. I was really turned off by that music yesterday. Horrible modern
Christian music at the dentist office. I mentioned it to Eric and he
reminded me that it was Ash Wednesday. Hmmm. There was a young man
sitting in the corner reading a Bible, too. I wondered if I was being
punked. Oh, so it was Ash Wednesday.
5. I was only gone for what 2 1/2 days and I missed a lot of news. And
I am still trying to get my energy back. Also, I came home to 2 little
girls who seemed to have gotten a little more independent. I like that.
Maybe I should go away more often.

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