Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. This week I should know for sure about the cake book. Stay tuned.

2. In the mean time, I've got plenty to do. Two novels are still in progress. And I am working out the concept for my new blog.

3. Except that I am very scattered…and finding it to hard to concentrate. So unlike me.

4. I think my trips to New York are either going to have to be longer,
where I can rest more between things and not feel so pressed for time,
or shorter when I can just pop in for a meeting.

5. Babies. My friend Kristie in a new aunt (congrats! I LOVE being an
aunt.) and posted pictures of the baby. So sweet. I can't get those
images out of my head. Reminded me of this poem I wrote called Sweet
Breath, years ago when Emma was a baby.

Sweet Breath

 At the end of my day,

when my back and feet

ache from picking

you up, carrying you,

feeding you. And

my eyes can not

focus, I come to

you, watch you sleep,

after your father

has fed and rocked you.

I come to you

and watch you sleep,

curled on your side.

I watch for your

breath and think

I see it, but I must

feel it, too. I place

my hand on your chest,

and wait for the

rhythm. I cannot

resist this moment,

set by the glow

of the night light

and the warmth

of your crib.

I cannot resist one

last piece of the day.

Your breath. So sweet.

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