Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I am running through clouds. Can't see the mountains.
2. Thinking of all the changes in my life over the last ten years.
Immense change. Wondering what the next ten will bring. Life is amazing
like that. I never imagined I'd be writing cookbooks, for example. Here
I am. I've learned to never say never.
3. Emma saying to me that she wants a boyfriend who looks gay and acts
gay, but isn't gay. "First," I said, "You are not allowed to have a
boyfriend. And second, good luck with that."
4. Great morning for a run. Perfect actually. I am beginning to see
some other runners out–this winter it was mostly crazy ol' me.
5. You know, I really love coffee and I could drink it all day long. I
met this person in New York from Dallis Coffee, who could tell you all
kinds of things about coffee. She was fascinating to talk to–and she
loved her work. I loved her samples.

2 thoughts on “Five things I thought about during my morning run:

  1. Babette says:

    Love Emma’s thoughts. Tell her I TOTALLY get it…and you’re right: good luck with that, dear.
    Here’s what I thought this morning:
    1. My first day without a deadline in WEEKS.
    2. A swim is on my schedule
    3. Can I please accomplish the two tasks that have been on my list for months?
    4. DH’s snoring is making my life miserable.
    5. Moving on to the next project.

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