Five things I thought about during my morning walk:

1. The sky is so blue is hurts. You just want to plunge into it.
2. Very slippery. So much ice around.
3. Eric going in to the museum this morning to help clear out the snow.
Deputy Director = snow shoveler. They are really concerned about the
exhibits-so off he goes on to the icy roads.
4. I was thinking about this poem I wrote during the winter storm of
1996. Eric and I were living in Reston. We were in our townhouse for
days and days. It was so different being snowbound and not having the
children around. I wish I could find the poem. It's a shame. I have
boxes of my poems, phrase, half-written, and when I go to find a
specific one, I can't find it. I really need to get my papers
organized. If I find the poem, I'll share it with you.
5. Everybody seems to get this peaceful feeling from snow. It's a great
trick–because there's nothing peaceful about it. Look underneath the
peaceful blanket of sparkly white: it's full of treachery and deceit.

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