Five things I thought during my morning run:

1. How clear the blue sky is against the mountains. How much I love the
city–DC, New York,–but oh, give me the wide open spaces of the
Shenandoah Valley.
2. There are still huge stretches of untouched snow, blue-white, rippling, sparkling.
3. Glee. Just from what Emma has told me, I'm not sure she should be
watching it. But we are getting the dvds to watch together. She said
"If there's anything inappropriate, I'll just walk out of the room." I
said, "No you won't. We'll watch together and talk about it. " That was
NOT what she wanted to hear. 😉
4. When I came home, I was reminded of exactly how allergic I am to Tink. I am still struggling. No more dogs for me.
5. Talking with Clair at the library yesterday–she said some very kind things about Emma's audition.

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